Weather agency calls for early action as Typhoon Haishen heads toward SW Japan

TOKYO — The 10th typhoon of the season, Haishen, which is moving in a westerly direction along the Mariana Islands, has the risk of gathering strength and will approach or possibly make landfall in Japan’s southwestern Amami region from Sept. 6 to 7, the Japan Meteorological Agency announced on Sept. 2.
The agency is calling on residents to be careful, saying, “There is a chance of extensive widespread damage. Pay attention to weather information, and take early action to save lives.”
According to the agency, Haishen’s central pressure may dip to 930 hectopascals or lower, and its maximum wind speed near the center may reach 50 meters per second (180 kilometers per hour) or higher. Agency officials warn, “There is a chance of record heavy rains, strong winds and high waves, requiring the maximum caution. We would like people to finish preparing for the typhoon early, before the weekend.”
(Japanese original by Shinji Kurokawa, City News Department)
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