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Singapore – As various establishments began opening after a hiatus, queues have started to appear. Members from the online community shared numerous photos of people lining up at McDonald’s or barbershops, noting that old habits die hard, regardless of a pandemic.
After seven of its staff got infected and tested positive for Covid-19, fast-food giant McDonald’s suspended all operations beginning April 19. They continued to do so even though they were given the go-signal to reopen on May 5. Then on May 10, McDonald’s announced through their Facebook page that they are “back to take your orders” on May 11 via McDelivery, Drive-Thru or takeaway.
Included in the announcement were details on their operation time, from 7am to 9pm, and that they won’t be offering 24-hour service during the circuit breaker period.
Despite their request of “please don’t rush down” to the outlets and a heads up on possible delays with the orders as some of the outlets are understaffed, queues still formed; which was no surprise seeing that Singaporeans must be missing their favourite McDonald’s meals. There were queues at the Drive-Thru as well with vehicles gearing up for takeaways and food delivery riders picking up orders.
Here’s a photo of the Drive-Thru at TradeHub 21 from Reddit. “Introducing the new…McCluster,” said one Reddit user.
© The Independent Singapore Photo: Reddit screengrab
© The Independent Singapore Photo: Reddit screengrab
Meanwhile, Facebook page Singapore Atrium Sale shared the queue situation at McDonald’s Junction 8 at Bishan.
The same page also shared the line of GrabFood delivery riders waiting for their pickup as some tried to get their happy meals the online way.
Concerned citizens began debating on how to avoid a second wave once the circuit breaker period ends. In response to the news of McDonald’s reopening, one Reddit user noted this is why establishments can only resume operations in gradual stages. However, another commented that it might be better to open up more sectors as once, “to dilute the pool of choices so that people who are desperate for X will naturally space themselves out by being spoilt for choice.”
“Singaporeans are really predictable,” said a netizen who devised a rather “evil” plan by suggesting bubble tea stores open next. “Imagine the first night bars and clubs reopen,” added SeieiEnbu.
© The Independent Singapore Photo: Reddit screengrab
© The Independent Singapore Photo: Reddit screengrab
Queues were also spotted in various barbershops as establishments were allowed to open on May 12.
While most followed social distancing and wore masks, it begs the question if more self-control could be practiced or at least walk away after seeing a queue and go again another day.
a screenshot of a cell phone: Photo: FB screengrab
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