Fantastic WiFi extenders and boosters for every space

It’s easy to take WiFi for granted until your devices refuse to connect to an available network. Though wireless internet access is more powerful than ever, many variables are still at play in determining whether you can stream movies or just barely squeak by while checking your email. Some buildings are constructed with metal framing or thick concrete walls, and some providers have low maximum speeds, both of which can hamper user experience. If you’re experiencing wireless outages or want your internet access to reach up the stairs or across your yard, it’s easy to add a couple WiFi boosters and extenders to your home and ensure that you have access to the web no matter where you venture.
Here’s a list of some of our favorite WiFi extenders currently available.
For large structures and lots, this WiFi extender from Netgear will have your device and up to 20 others more than covered. Ideal for the centerpiece of a home or workspace wireless network, it offers upwards of 1,500 square feet of coverage extension and uses the latest generation of WiFi technology to deliver top speeds. It works with any existing wireless router and can provide coverage to so many individual devices that it also makes a great choice as a central hub for a smart home network.
The Amazon eero mesh router works both as a primary router and a network extender if you have an existing eero wireless system in your home. It’s compatible with Alexa, making it an ideal choice for environments where voice-activated control is preferred. You can even add a staggering 128 devices to your network to achieve maximum coverage, should you desire. It’s also compatible with the Apple HomeKit, making automating your domicile a snap.
This TP-Link extender is a budget-friendly option for any environment, offering affordable expandability for existing wireless networks at up to 800 square feet per unit. Ideal for placing in dead zones and far corners of your building, this extender offers a single band of 2.4-gigahertz wireless data and is outfitted with two adjustable swivel antennas so you can direct your coverage accordingly. It has a sleek and compact finish that helps it blend seamlessly into any home decor—simply mount it in a wall outlet and sync it to your router.
If you’re looking to push your internet access across outdoor spaces or through multiple floors of a tall structure, this long-range WiFi extender from C. Crane will take care of the job on the very first try. It uses a mountable, directional antenna that receives wireless signals from up to a half-mile away and then amplify them locally, granting access to otherwise isolated guesthouses, pool houses, barns, sheds, workshops, and more. The key here is distance: If you’re trying to connect to the internet on a game console, smart TV, or computer from the other side of the property, this extender is the best choice for you. C. Crane also offers US-based tech support for installation help.
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