Coronavirus: Trump says he took new test ‘out of curiosity’ despite concern at shortages

Donald Trump , amid governors’ worries their states lack ample coronavirus tests, said he took his third on Thursday “out of curiosity.”
The president has no hit for the Covid-19 hat trick, testing negative three times.
He admitted he took his first, during a time his team admitted the United States lacked tests in hard-hit states, because the media kept asking him if he had been tested after coming in contact with a Brazilian official who later tested positive.
This time, however, he appears to taken a test for his own amusement — to see if it was more comfortable than the invasive initial test kit.
The president told Thursday afternoon’s White House briefing on the coronavirus pandemic: “I just took it this morning. It took me literally a minute to take it. And it took me, I guess it was 14 or 15 minutes – I went to work, I didn’t wait for it –but they said it took 14 minutes or something to come up with the conclusion.
“And it said the president tested negative for Covid-19. So that’s the second one. I think I took it really out of curiosity to see how quickly it worked and fast it worked. I’ve done them both. And the second one is much more pleasant … I can tell you that.”
In a statement the White House physician, Sean Conley, said: “This morning, the president was tested again for Covid-19, utilising a new, rapid point-of-care test capability.
“He is healthy and without symptoms. Sample collection took just one minute, and results were reported back in 15 minutes. The president tested negative for Covid-19.”
According to their son, Buddy Baker, the couple was in “perfect health” a few weeks ago. His mother didn’t have any symptoms when she tested positive.
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______ “Researchers have found sex differences in every tissue and organ system in the human body.” — Caroline Criado Perez, author of “Invisible Women” ______ [In Her Words is available as a newsletter. Sign up here to get it delivered to your inbox.] As the novel coronavirus sweeps the world, sickening hundreds of thousands of people and killing at least 50,000 individuals to date, scientists have learned more and more about it. We know that…
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